God Bless Those Child-Educating Hippies

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The Pixies cover

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So this dude Petebox does a sick cover of the Pixies “Where is my mind” with just his voice, a guitar, and a looping pedal (and a Kaoss Pad just to touch up the end). Don’t let the lame-assed haircut fool you, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Dinosaur Jr. Tour

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Dino have announced US dates for their upcoming tour. This tour is super neat because they’ll be playing Bug in its entirety. No Canadian dates, I know, but those of you who feel like driving to NY in June and rocking out until your shoes literally fall apart should probably snag some tickets here. After that you should probably offer me a ride to the show, instantly becoming my very best friend. I would prefer it if you had gray hair, or possibly an old man/lady cardigan. The last time I went to a Dinosaur Jr. concert I was questioned by strangers as to whether or not I even knew who the band were. It’d be nice to have someone to point to while I explain that my grandpa dragged me there.

Mixtape: Kitknows- The First Space: Kit on the Moon

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Got another mixtape for you all. Well, album, but its for free, so it feels like mixtape. This dude has been in a few of my classes and I just found out he’s been rhyming for some time now. Solid Album, Toronto Hip-hop, check him out at Kitknows.com for a free download.

Childish Gambino (unofficial) Mixtape

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At first I was all “Troooooooyyyy?” But then I was all “alright, alright”

Check out the Childish Gambino (unofficial) mixtape, which you can download here

as it said where I found it

“My friend Errol and I have been working on ‘I Do Not Talk’ for a very long time. He’s been perfecting the tracklist and has done a truly amazing job. The mixtape starts off with a Donald that is rough around the edges and takes you from there through his artistic development one song at a time. You see him rectify aspects of himself, such as changing his voice to sound nasally, and grow into the artist that we know today.

Donald might dislike his older material and without question has gotten better, but there is some serious integrity in the writing from the beginning that is made clear on this mixtape. The music selection of ‘I Do Not Talk’ perfectly leads listeners into ‘Culdesac’. And in my opinion, is a must have for all fans and Hip Hop aficionados.”

The Sound quality is a bit shady, buts its interesting nonetheless.

And if you just can’t wait, or if you just want to check him out first, well watch this:

His voice can be a bit grating, but his rhymes are tight and his punchlines are hilarious

Found at Hypetrak

Biggie Kills in Bed-Stuy

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I dunno about you, but I’m choosing Biggie over Tupac any day of the week.

Dave Grohl Knows How to Write Hits

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Life’s a Bitch so keep on truckin’